Sunday, 7 August 2011


Hummm. I said I'd be posting often... and have come to prove that my word on it didn't have any value!
I'm sorry, it's maybe ridiculous but I can't help but apologizing at the giant amount of blogger followers I have, ha! Well not a lot has happened, anyway, so I'll start over by telling you about my weekend; I went to work on saturday from 10 to 6, and it was real slow which is perfectly fine since I usually have crazy busy work weeks and it was nice that for once, I was free at like 5:30 something and did nothing at work. Then went to the dentist -this is a super important happening in my life 'cause I'm scared of dentists but my teeth are just looking terrible and aaall my wisdom teeth have grown super big so they are pushing all my other teeth and yeah.. it's not actually healthy so my dentist is gonna have to pull out all the wisdom teeth... *sigh*- and after that I went to my friend Lux' house to watch movies which we never actually watched, we just googled hilarious Youtube videos with her husband and she told me about the trip she just had to Las Vegas from which she brought a few awesome things for me :) I have pretty awesome friends.
I stayed over at their's and in the morning I skyped with a friend as soon as I woke. Then we went to the supermarket to buy things for breakfast and... made breakfast. Then, ate it. :3
After that, I went to my grandma's house to have lunch and see the family; my mum has 5 sisters -and a brother we rarely see- and they all gather with my cousins and sometimes their husbands and we all have lunch together. I've been having so much fun lately 'cause my younger cousin -she's one year and maybe two months-  is starting to speak and she's started to walk on her own like a month ago and she just finds everything amusing and she's amazed at all new things. She also makes fun, squeaky noises which make everyone giggle instantly, she's adorable. It does make me wonder how things will be when -if- I become a mother. I have never, ever changed a diaper in my life -nor do I want to!- and I've only bottle fed this little cousin of mine. And the whole idea of bringing a child into this world gives me the creeps.
I should go to bed 'cause I have a busy week of work ahead... although tango lessons help release some stress which is pretty darn cool, 'cause I seriously need it.
Hope y'all have a lovely day!

Monday, 11 July 2011


I haven't had a blog for months and months -at least not one where I actually wrote long paragraphs of my life every now and then- and hell, I miss it!! I was on Facebook today and a good ol' blogger friend said she missed me, and she missed me blogging -this is saying a lot 'cause she's one of my favourite blogger ladies- and I figured... why not? I don't have much time 'cause unlike the last time I had a blog, I now have a full time job and I work from 9 to 6 in front of a computer, monday to saturday, so when I get home, all I wanna do is... well, all I  wanna do is get to bed and sleep until the next morning, but I just tend to go to my home computer and browse the web, read e-books, watch online series and occasionally check Facebook -I'm not much of a Facebook person, but still- so I gotta give myself sometime to blog.
I've met so, so many wonderful people since I started blogging that I can't give up on it, even when I get so sad or awkward that I don't want the world to see whatever I blog, but I've just begun a new season of my life which is greater than the past 3 or 4 years of it and I plan on making the most of everything good that comes along the way.
Oh I can't wait to start writing things up and posting like nuts :)